What those-in-the-know are saying about the Women in Blues Recording Project:

“The cliche of the blues-man often leads us to forget that the first stars of the blues were women. This exciting and innovative project shows us the path from these 1920's pioneers to the contemporary scene 'Down Under'. 

Essential listening for any fans of classic and modern blues.”

~ Matthew Frederick,
   host of long-running PBS (106.7fm) blues radio show
'The Juke Joint'


"Upon sitting down with this collection of eleven songs and eleven unknown artists (whom l believed l would know straight away, but it did not eventuate that way), I thought l would pick the local singers as soon as I pressed play, but it wasn't about who was singing but rather about how brilliant the performance was, how brilliant the charts and the orchestration. I knew most of the songs and who had sung them originally, but here l kept stopping play in disbelief that l was truly listening to a new recording, but l was.

"There has been so much care taken with this album, no crash bang boom in your face, knock you down pick you up and knock you down again and say 'hey wasn't that great ?' Quite frankly l get very tired of that, but this album is mesmerising, and might l say without wanting to upset anybody, it has a woman's touch, one that has a kindness, a gentleness, a flow, an understanding of the music, a kinship with the past singers.

"There is pure love in these tracks that is tangible, you can feel it and you can hear it.

"Why did woman record the Blues first ? Listen to this album and you will have an answer straight away. No histrionics or grandstanding, just Blues and a bit more Blues. I absolutely love this and you will too. Trust me you wont sleep at night without a copy in your collection. Oh, you had better buy two as you will wear out your first copy very quickly.

"Congratulations to everybody concerned with this project as l can say with complete honesty it is absolutely stunning. I listen to hundreds of releases a year as heard on Helen Jennings Roots Of Rhythm and this stands out trust me. The performances all round are sensational.

"All in all you and Paulie have got everything right with this album. All l can say is don't stop as, if this is any indication, you have much to offer music and the music listening public.

Again congratulations and thank-you for the honour of hearing it pre release".

~ Peter Merrett,
    host of long-running PBS (106.7FM) radio show Malt Shop Hop

"It's an extraordinary undertaking for other people's careers ..... Hope the muso's appreciate the work you do". 
~ Stevie Paige, Blues Legend


" ... Interesting that (the project) is viewed as activism. To me it is just another pocket of music style and all music styles can be pushed/promoted or presented in a number of different ways. The project to me is recognising women in blues, that's what it is about !!

'The most stunning thing about this collection is the extraordinary vocals which are clearly intended to be the spine, heart and mind of each of the songs.

"There are times where you might think you are listening to a fine blues/jazz lounge recording from the 60’s, but then ..... as you are within seconds of drifting off into your own little happy place permanently ..... as you are mischievously lulled into a false sense of security ...... you are dealt a mighty vocal blow to the solar plexus and you have to steady yourself to accommodate the next part of the ride.

"The songs themselves fit together perfectly as a collective, the instrumentation is languid and lilting but precise and complimentary (as it must be in these circumstances).

Truthfully, it would probably be best enjoyed alone - so you can give it your undivided attention and ride with it up and down all the way along - with a bottle of something very nice".

"Great vocals right throughout the whole thing - stunning. 
I really enjoyed it for sure".

~ Mark Missen, host of 88.3 Southern FM's 'Ausmosis' (Saturday 10am - Australian Content Only !)
   Winner 2014 Melbourne Blues Appreciation Society's 'Services to Blues',


Thanks to Ray Reid of Radio Gippsland FM 104.7 for these beautiful words .....

"I love the album, it has a fabulous 1920’s feel about it.

"I especially love the original track 'Forget Him' by Shimona of Shimona & The Cat's Pyjamas, It is my favorite track !

"The vocal was mystifying, it drew me in, I had to listen to every word, the music was simple yet expansive ..... it drew me back to those old time movies of the 20’s; Of old Chicago with the big performance rooms, the glamorous singers and big bands pouring out love songs to highly attentive audiences who couldn’t get enough of the soulfulness of it all.

Just Magic.

"Overall feel of the album is easy to listen to, track selection and sequencing excellent. Overall backing music was very subtle and appropriate, and well played. All well recorded.

"The album is a delicacy that deserves to be acquired by listeners that seek top class interpretive music".

~ Ray Reid, 
   Radio Gippsland FM 104.7

" ... Sounds great ! A very likeable project ... "

~ Cara Robinson (Hat Fitz & Cara)
   South East Queensland's Blues Challenge Winner 2014


"To repeat a phrase from a famed music lover … "Do yourselves a favour" and add this album to your collection….. From start to end each and every track is a musical genre feast !

Great selection of fine tunes recorded by an equally fine selection of Australia’s talented songstresses ... be it Jazz through the Blues…..

Put this album in the player, turn I it up a tad and dim your lights.

Sit back, take a trip back into your musical memories or make some new ones ! 

Just put your player on repeat ....."

~ Doc Watson 
   99.9 Voice FM, Ballarat

"Wow ... Good catch ! Hope it's a huge success !" 

~ Salty Dog, 
    Elwood Blues Club organiser, President Blues Music Victoria
   Syndicated Podcaster, 'Salty Dog's Blues & Roots' 


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