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'Wayward Woman' Jazz / Blues album (2019)
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We have been recording Women in Blues albums concurrently !

So here we are with our first Jazz Blues offering of 11 tunes with a dreamy, laid back, late night, overnight, rip-your-heart-out-of-your-chest-through-the-radio-dial, jazz-blues-disc-jockey feel ..... 

But it won't be too far off before we roll out several more albums, as we have dozens and dozens of marvelous tunes recorded from the myriad of sub-genres that Blues encompasses !

Check back on the new website often, as we finalise production of our SERIES of albums under the banner of 'Wayward Woman'.

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The first studio album by the Women in Blues Recording Project.

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Latest NEWS: International Women's Day 2019

If you have arrived here via the International Women's Day promotion, then here is our latest news update 8/3/2019:

     "Over the weekend we started our roll-out of single deliveries from the upcoming album for Jen HawleyNicole Nehemia and Yolanda Ingley II.

"It's very exciting to be a part of a music project that is collaborative, collective and a place to showcase the marvelous work of these wonderful women on a worldwide platform that delivers the profits straight to them.

"It was very important to me that one of the underlying principles of the Women in Blues Recording Project is that - within our fun project - the female artists we record are all enabled to take charge or control of these recordings, cut out the middleman, and distribute their music directly to their fans. We are all very excited to be launching the full album soon & can't wait to hear what you all think !

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You can take advantage of the early rewards and be one of the very first to receive Nicole Nehemia's single 'Black Coffee'. "..... Big, bold and brassy ! "....


You can take advantage of the early rewards and be one of the very first to receive Yolanda Ingley II's single 'I'd Rather Go Blind'. "... an offering of this quality doesn't come around all that often so listen carefully and savour the experience".